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Where are we

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​We are located at 170 Village Street, Medway, MA

  • Our pantry is located at the corner of Village Street and Holliston Street in Medway (170 Village Street). You will approach the pantry from Holliston Street.


  • From Holliston Street, turn onto North Street.


  • From North Street, turn RIGHT onto Peach Street.  If you reach the stop sign with Broad Street, you went too far. Please do not turn around but rather turn back onto Holliston Street and proceed to Peach Street.


  • As soon as you turn onto Peach Street, you will see a sign with an arrow directing you into our parking area. Turn RIGHT into the parking area and join the end of the line. You will wait in your car, and a volunteer will direct traffic and move you up when it is your time to come inside.


  • If you arrive at the pantry after 10 am, you will be asked to come back to the pantry another Saturday.  We do not allow cars to join the line after 10 am.  

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