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GEM Program 

GEM stands for Give Every Month. Giving monthly enables you to make an impact all year long! By giving monthly, you spread your gift out throughout the year and support our work year round. Join our loyal group of supporters who are committed to ending hunger! 

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Become a GEM Today!


Charitable giving has always been an important part of our family’s budget. When we started hearing about the increasing need for support in our community due to the rising cost of housing and food, we started looking into organizations that provided the greatest opportunity to assist neighbors needing extra support. After getting involved in MVFP around Christmastime 2022, we saw just how many families, and particularly new families and our elderly neighbors were coming for assistance each week. By supporting MVFP monthly, we know those funds are going directly to feed our neighbors and provide the pantry with the regular support they can rely on to replenish the food and personal items that will be distributed. Many of these families rely not only on the food they receive from the pantry, but also the kind words and prayers of the volunteers who show them care and concern each week.

Medway Village Food Pantry GEM

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